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Hey there! My name is LeKeisha Harding. I was born in Seattle and raised all around the U.S. I love nature walks, water activities, laughing with my toddlers, and traveling. Prior to having children of my own, my family called me the gypsy, because you could find me anywhere at any given moment. I have been an urban education leader for 10 years. I have an M.Ed. in Education from Vanderbilt University and B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Diversity and Education from the University of Washington. I have built a career around understanding and implementing social and emotional learning strategies that allow all people and organizations to realize their full potential, heal, and create action steps that lead to individual and collective agency.


Began Teaching Career, 2011

I began my teaching career at Johnson Special Day School, an alternative school setting for students with IEPs. I earned my first all 5 observation score during my first year teaching in this environment. 


Began Instructional and SEL Coaching, 2013-2015

The Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School administration created this position specifically for my skillset and our school wide needs. Being the school's exceptional education instructional coach allowed me to experience my first exposure to school wide leadership and coach. 


Recruited for the TLUS program at Vanderbilt Peabody College, 2014-2016

The program, Teaching and Learning in Urban Schools, was designed to grow the brightest MNPS turnaround teachers. There was a large DEI focus in the coursework as it relates to curriculum development and school culture. I was able to research student wellbeing and their engagement with self led academic data talks. 


Proposed and Received 2nd School Wide Leadership Position, 2017-2018

Our school needed to improve school culture and inequities in our discipline practices. I wrote a proposal and became our classroom management and restorative practices specialist. With several new systems, as well as, student and teacher led culture initiatives we were able to see a drastic decrease in referrals, a decrease in subgroup inequities, and improved student-teacher relationships.

E.A.S.E.L., LLC.png

Began Consulting Nationally, 2019

After my second maternity leave, I wanted to be intentional about SEL work in the education space. I was offered a series of contracts through The Teaching Institute for Excellence In STEM to support urban STEM school redesign, SEL, ecosystem development, and data analytics. During this time I began E.A.S.E.L., LLC to support continued SEL and DEI based work.

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