About E.A.S.E.L.


We ELEVATE ALL SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNERS into positions where they are seen, heard, and included in organizational decision making, planning, and implementation.


Our mission is to work alongside individuals and learning institutions that are ready to (re)design equitable and inclusive practices that are both effective and enhance the social-emotional well being of ALL stakeholders. We close the gap between the institutional and personal ideologies that keep us from growing together as we provide opportunities for future inventors, innovators, and problem solvers.


The ELEVATE framework exist to NAME, HEAL, and create ACTION steps for the future of education and workforce culture. 

Evaluate the Context

Align with a Shared Vision

Share Promising Practices

Execute Promising Practices

Leverage Emerging Talent

Why E.A.S.E.L.?

The Data Does Not Exist

State and national level agencies such as, The National Forum on Education Statistics and The RAND Corporation, are calling for more data sharing and research around college and career readiness (CCR), impact of mental health on academic success, and strategies for transitioning into 21st century models of teaching and learning.

E.A.S.E.L. exist to contribute to these efforts through data formatting, collection, analysis, organizational planning, and collaborative data sharing to ensure our leaders make impactful and researched based decisions. 

Demographic Inequity

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics states that students in American classrooms are becoming more diverse, while the demographics of teachers and administrators remains the same, white and female. More specifically Black, Asian, and male educators are most likely to leave or never enter the profession. Similarities exist in out of school time organizations.

E.A.S.E.L. uses inclusive strategies that prioritize representation, because seeing yourself in others builds both confidence and compassion. Experiencing diversity improves invention, innovation, and the collaboration necessary for solving our worlds problems. 

Mental Health Impact

Research from The Mental Health Foundation found that both adult (19%) and youth (60%) mental health issues are getting worse which is impacting public health and safety, our schools, our workforce. Additionally, communities that are more cohesive, regardless of economic status, have less mental health issues and better living conditions.

E.A.S.E.L. exist to elevate social and emotional well being as a key indicator of organizational health, academic capacity, CCR, and overall success for individuals and communities. Research based frameworks and strategies help us track how we get there and how we sustain it.  

E.A.S.E.L. Milestones

Began Consulting Career, 2019

My first consulting assignment was a series of landscape assessments in several New York school districts and STEM school redesign work at STEM@Blodgett Middle School in Syracuse. I was brought on as an SEL expert to inform urban school culture practices and STEM integration. 


Joined SLECoP Management Team, 2020

Participation in managing 106 ecosystems internationally allowed the necessary knowledge and experience to design and develop learning pipelines from pre-K to career and connect cross sector partners to in and out of school learning experiences inclusive of cross sector stakeholders at regional, state, and local levels. 

Launched E.A.S.E.L., LLC, February 2020

With a huge amount of support, I was able to turn consulting into a business. E.A.S.E.L.,LLC became a legal business recognized in the state of Texas and has been growing ever since.

E.A.S.E.L., LLC.png

Launched a national learning series on equitable STEM learning during COVID-19

In collaboration with several organizations such as NASA Langley, The Tiger Woods Foundation, and STEM Sports we were able to hold learning sessions using everyday materials found in a home. These sessions also acted as professional development for STEM ecosystem leaders to replicate in their communities.

Planned My First Virtual Convening, 2020

Over 40 presenters and over 500 leaders from around the world came together to discuss anti-racism in STEM, virtual pivots due to COVID-19, and how to dismantle widening gap of inequities observed prior to and during the pandemic.


Website launch and company expansion, May 2021
On May 22, E.A.S.E.L. hosted a website launch party to kick off services and supports. I am now accepting clients and partners who align with education transformation through SEL, DEI, individual and collective agency.

If you align with these beliefs and need support elevating these ideas from thoughts to actions, just fill out the form below. 

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