E.A.S.E.L.'s Elevate Framework (1).png

What does it do?

I always get asked questions about how to get inclusive outcomes? How to build better relationships? How to make people in an organization feel a sense agency? How to get better data? and How to address courageous conversations in ways that are non divisive and that build the culture of a team? I created a framework that helps you lead your team through answering all of those questions within your unique context. Grounded in SEL and DEI, The ELEVATE Framework is the foundation of how this company works to create actions and results that are effective, inclusive, equitable, and impactful. The great thing about this framework is that it can be used to improve multiple outcomes in several ways including: personal and professional conversations, school and community asset mapping, school and community (re)design, vetting, research, and curriculum design. It is how I will help you and your organization elevate your own expertise, outcomes, and culture.