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YOU are uniquely positioned to LEAD healing and action that transforms and dismantles systems of inequity in your organization and your community.




LeKeisha Harding

My Beliefs About the Future of Education

 It is my fundamental belief that no matter what trends exist in education, we are HUMANS who teach and learn with other HUMANS. We laugh, we cry, and we feel very real emotions while navigating learning spaces. I created E.A.S.E.L. with an understanding that SEL reform is going to be critical in moving our organizational leaders and institutions of learning forward. All people deserve to be seen, heard, and valued in every part of the decision making process. I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the tools to make that happen for you, your organization, and the community you serve. 

Pandemic Education Highlights

Moving social emotional learning, equity, and inclusion forward for a better tomorrow.

Planning A Virtual Convening


I had an amazing opportunity to plan and host my first virtual convening in collaboration with the STEM Learning Ecosystems Management team. With almost 50 presenters, over 400 attendees, and a brand new virtual convening platform, we were able to engage in discussions and create action steps that address racial and economic inequities in STEM education. Our team worked tirelessly to go through the application process, train presenters, and set up networking events that felt as much like an in person convening as possible. What an amazing learning experience. 

Professional Development

Collaborating and Executing


I LOVE working alongside adult learners and change makers. COVID-19 forced the entire society to reflect within ourselves and the institutions we work in. I have been able to master the art of virtual consulting that allowed me 3x as much contact with my clients as in person experiences. I have delivered professional development for the LabXchange platform, STEM@Blodgett in Syracuse, NY, and educators from Nashville Public Schools. This looked like whole school and small group sessions, one on one coaching, classroom observations with feedback, data sharing, designing, and forward planning. 


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, education leaders and community partners had one common goal: get devices, kits, resources, and valuable learning experiences into American homes that need it most. Two initiatives that stick out most were creating weekly STEM@HOME experiences where teaching around 200 families was used as professional development for organizational leaders tuning in and thought partnership around a free science based online platform for high school and career readiness counselors developed by Harvard LabXchange. 


Neferteri Strickland

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Founder and CEO, Teachers&

"LeKeisha is an expert social-emotional learning professional who understands the needs of both the education leader and the classroom teacher. Her focused approach sets her apart from her peers through authentic candor and transparent methods. LeKeisha has exceeded expectations as a consultant on two Teacher & campaigns that support gender and cultural diversity in the classroom."

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